DEMCO EPOX 2001 SELF/MIDCOAT is a solvent free, self leveling epoxy based, mid coat. Adheres to the surface it is applied to, increases its impact strength and chemical resistance. At the same time, it prevents the subsequent layers to stick to the surface. With its filling feature, it is used as a peeling solid.


  • Solvent free.
  • It is easy to apply.
  • With its self spreading feature, it levels itself on the surface where it is applied.
  • Prevents dusting of concrete surfaces and increases the chemical and impact resistance of concrete.
  • Used as a stripping and mid coat layer thanks to its filling feature

Technical Properties

Number of Components 2
Mixing Ratio (by weight) A/B (86/14)
Mixing Density (g/cm3 (TS EN ISO 2811-1) 1,75 ± 0,10
Pot Life ( min., 23°C, 100 ml )(DIN 16945) 40 – 70
Mixing Viscosity (mPas, 25°C) (EN ISO 3219) 800 – 1400
Drying Time (23°C) (TS 4317)
Dry to Touch (Hours) 8 – 10
Fully Cured (Week) 1
Floor Admission

Storage and Shelf Life

It should be kept in its original, unopened package and in closed and dry places, which are at 15 – 25°C. It must not stay under direct sunlight. Under these conditions, the shelf life is 12 months.


Total : 20 kg (A: 16,80 kg /B: 3,20 kg)