Priming for concrete and cementious mineral surfaces and penetration material. Since it does not contain solvents and active substances, it can be easily used in closed areas. Thanks to its low viscosity, it penetrates the applied surface very well. It increases the impact strength and chemical resistance of the applied surface. At the same time, it ensures that the subsequent coats adhere to the surface


  • Solvent free.
  • Low viscosity and easy to apply.
  • Prevents dusting on the applied surface.
  • Resistant to cold grease and mechanical oils used in repair and maintenance works.
  • Penetrates into capillary gaps in the concrete structure and blocks the gaps.
  • Provides excellent penetration and adherence to cement based surfaces.
  • It is used as a primer and binder under all types of epoxy and polyurethane based coatings in concrete repairs to protect concrete surfaces against abrasion, dust and chemicals by impregnating them.

Technical Properties

Number of Components 2
Mixing Ratio (by weight) A/B (66,66/33,34)
Mixing Density ((g/cm3 , 20°C) (TS EN ISO 2811-1) 1,08 ± 0,10
Mixture Life (dak., 23°C, 100 ml) (DIN 16945) 20 – 40
Mixture Viscosityi (mPas, 25°C) (EN ISO 3219) 200 – 350
Drying Time (23°C) (TS 4317)
Touch (Clock) 10 – 12
Floor Acceptance 1
Full Erection (Week) 2 – 4

Storage and Shelf Life

At 15 – 25°C and in closed, moisture-free warehouses away from direct sunlight and in unopened, original packaging; 1 year.


Total Net: 18 kg (A: 12 kg /B: 6 kg)


DEMCO EPOX 100 PR Data Sheet