DEMCO EPOX 132 PR/S is a solvent based epoxy primer containing two component iron oxide and zinc phosphate. It is used in places with intense industrial atmosphere such as oil refineries, waste water facilities, power plants, chemical storages, machinery and steel structures. Since it contains pigments that retard rusting, its usage area


  • Provides very good protection against corrosion.
  • It prepares a suitable floor for middle and top coat epoxy paint applica- tion

Technical Properties

Number of Components 2
Mixing Ratio (by weight) A/B (80/20)
Mixing Density (g/cm3 (TS EN ISO 2811-1) 1,30 ± 0,10
Pot Life ( min., 23°C, 100 ml ) ( DIN 16945 ) ~ 24
Mixing Viscosity (mPas, 25°C)  (EN ISO 3219) 200 – 400
Curing Time ( 23°C ) ( TS 4317 )
Dry to Touch (Hours) 40 – 60
Fully Cured (Week) 1
Floor Admission 2 – 3

Storage and Shelf Life

It should be kept in its original, unopened package and in closed and dry places, which are at 15 – 25°C. It must not stay under direct sunlight. Under these conditions, the shelf life is 12 months.


Total : 20 kg (A: 16,00 kg /B: 4,00 kg)


DEMCO EPOX 132 PR/S Data Sheet