It is a polyurethane based, elastic coating material. Spreads spontaneously on the ground where it is applied. Thanks to its elastic structure, it works together with the applied surface and is not affected by sudden temperature changes. Industrial floor coverings, car bodies, under vehicles, cold storage, warehouses, stores, workshops, parking lots, sales departments, schools, hospitals, food and pharmaceutical industry, electronic industry and elasticity is a coating system used on desired floors.

Surface Preparation and Application Method

Application surfaces must be free from oil, rust, dust and similar impurities. Moisture on the application surface should not be, there should never be a loose layer. The shiny one The surface should be roughened with shot-blast, slim or freeze. Prepared concrete surface Solvent Free Epoxy Impregnated Primer DEMCO EPOX 100% impregnated with PR in accordance with the application instructions should be primed properly. If there are cracks and pits on the surface, epoxy should be repaired using putty. Prepared and primed Solvent Free Polyurethane Elastic Self Leveling Coating on surface DEMCO PUR 363 SELF threaded according to the application instructions applied with a trowel. Air bubbles are removed with a spiked roller. Open protect from sun rays in applications made in areas and scratching and scratching of the self surface in indoor applications 0.150 kg/m2 in 1 layer on the surface to protect against contamination Acrylic Polyurethane Topcoat Semi Matte Paint DEMCO PUR 412 TOP COAT is coated with UVS/HM. Coats under normal conditions (at 23°C) for 10 – 24 hours. If this time is exceeded, the surface should be sanded before applying the next coat. Between coats application time is prolonged at low temperatures, at high temperatures shortens. The ideal temperature range for application is 15-30°C. CAUTION! For horizontal floors due to very good spreadability designed; since it will flow and sag on vertical surfaces is not suitable for use.

Technical Properties

Number of Components 2
Mixing Ratio (wt.) A/B/C (50/10/40)
Mixing Density (g/cm3, 20°C) (TS EN ISO 2811-1) 1,70 ± 0,10
Mixing Life(dak., 23°C, 100 ml) (DIN 16945) 50-80
Mixture Viscosity (mPas, 25°C) (EN ISO 3219) 1400 – 2400
Kuruma Süresi (23°C) (TS 4317)
Drying Time (23°C) (TS 4317) 8-12 
Touch (Clock)(TS EN 12188) 1
Abrasion Resistance (mg) (Taber,CS17,1kg,1000 devir) (ASTM D 4060) 30

Storage Method & Duration

15 – 25°C and closed, moisture-free and out of direct sunlight in warehouses and in unopened, original packaging; 12 hours..


Total Net: 20 kg (A: 10.00 kg /B: 2.00 kg /C: 8.00 kg)


DEMCO PUR 363 SELF Data Sheet