It is a solvent based, one component, UV resistant acrylic top coat varnish. It penetrates deep into the surfaces. Provides shine and protection on stone surfaces. It does not spoil the aesthetic appearance on the surface and protects the natural beauty. It is not affected by water, sea water, atmospheric corrosion, acids a


  • Providing protection and brightness on the stone surface in stone wall coverings,
  • Providing excellent protection against moisture and water in joint fillers,
  • In historical artifact protection and restoration works,
  • Against abrasion and dusting,
  • Curbs, stone stairs and balustrades.
  • In fireplaces and barbecues, It is used to prevent pest nests on exterior and garden walls, and to provide protection and brightness in stone carving.

Technical Properties

Number of Components 1
Density (g/cm3 (TS EN ISO 2811-1) 1,00 ± 0,10
Viscosity (mPas, 25°C) (EN ISO 3219) 200 – 400
Curing Time ( 23°C ) ( TS 4317 )
Dry to Touch (Minutes) 20 – 30
Fully Cured (Week) 1

Storage and Shelf Life

It should be kept in its original, unopened package and in closed and dry places, which are at 15 – 25°C. It must not stay under direct sunlight. Under these conditions, the shelf life is 12 months.


It is in 15 kg packages.


DEMCO ACR 525 UV/S Data Sheet